Supporting grassroot networks to accelerate the abandonment of FGC

Many of the grass-root organisations our partner Orchid Project works with are both geographically remote and technologically isolated, limiting their capacity to accelerate an end to Female Genital Cutting [FGC]. Orchid Project, with the support of Olwyn Foundation, has undertaken a project to support the creation of a platform to support the network of activists and communities working to end FGC amongst the Maasai communities across the Kenya/Tanzania border region, called the Maasai End FGC Network. This network originated during one of Orchid Project’s Knowledge Sharing Workshops, and is intended to focus on the broader cross-border Maasai community, rather than focusing on one specific region.

Since the workshop where the group was formed, some activity has continued on the post-workshop WhatsApp group, but more support, leadership and coordination is needed to properly establish theMaasai End FGC Network. We are currently developing new models of platform support for this network, with an aim of piloting 2 of these models and a longer-term objective of scaling successful initiatives with our wider networks across East and West Africa and Asia.

Watch This Space!

The Olwyn Foundation