Maiden Yacht Arrives in Malta

It’s not everyday that you get to meet a legend - earlier this year Olwyn Foundation was delighted to host the iconic 58-foot yacht Maiden, in association with Orchid Project,. The yacht and her all-girl crew sailed into Valletta harbour, as she began her journey around the world to raise awareness and funds for girl education projects and the empowerment of women.

In 1990 the all female crew of Maiden crossed the finish line of the Whitbread Round the World Race and Tracy Edwards MBE and her crew entered the history books as the first all-female crew to sail round the world. Despite the derision and criticism that the women had endured from the male dominated sailing community , they won two legs and came second overall, the best result for a British boat since 1977 and unbeaten to this day. The women had however been backed by one man, HM King Hussein I of Jordan who had funded the project. He told Tracy “With faith, honour and courage, anything is possible.”

in 2014, the yacht was found rotting in the Seychelles, unloved and neglected. Tracy vowed to rescue Maiden and to restore her to her former glory. The Maiden Factor project was born to inspire a new generation of women and girls with the mission: to raise awareness and funding for girls’ educational organisations through The Maiden Factor Foundation. 130 million girls around the world are currently denied an education and studies show that given 12 years of education, girls can change their futures, their communities and the world.

The arrival of Maiden in Malta was supported by Olwyn Foundation received coverage in multiple media outlets across TV and news print media.

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