Improving Access to Sexual Healthcare in Vietnam

In the Central Highlands of Vietnam, 70% of women and young people do not have access to local sexual and reproductive health services. Without access to reproductive and sexual healthcare professionals, contraception, or information on healthy sexual behaviour, their lives and the lives of their babies are at risk. With support from Olwyn, ActionAid is providing healthcare services and empowering communities in the Central Highlands region to make their voices heard so that healthcare can be made accessible for everyone. ActionAid has established 30 community development groups – these groups are attended by 900 community members and play a key role in raising awareness at the local level and influencing the delivery of public healthcare services. These groups now meet every month and ActionAid has supported these groups through training in areas including leadership and organisational development. Providing training on sexual reproductive health and rights for healthcare and medical staff at the district, community and village levels. F

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