Using Technology to Fight Violence Against Women in Jordan

Women in Jordan face widespread violence and abuse in public spaces as well as within their home, and are exposed to risks such as street-based verbal and sexual harassment and domestic abuse. With Olwyn’s support, ActionAid has been developing a comprehensive digital service to tackle gender inequality and improve the safety of female refugees in Mufraq and Zarqa, Jordan. Working in partnership with Orange Jordan, Action Aid piloted a mobile platform which will increase the protection of female refugees in Jordan by enabling them to access accurate and up-to-date information and report incidents of abuse. Together Action Aid and Orange Jordan carried out a large text survey targeting women in Mafraq and Zarqa to find out more about their digital behaviour and use of mobile technology. Over 1,000 women responded to the survey and the results provided insight into how information is accessed, which support services are used and how safe women feel within their communities. The survey results will ensure that Action Aid will produce something that is effective and relevant to the needs of women in Jordan.

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