Meeting Pastor Ruth in Uganda with Childs-i Foundation

Sometimes, to see the enormity of the work that needs to be done, and how our investment is radically and positively changing not only lives but also hearts and minds, you need to visit the people who are both doing the changing and the children who are benefiting from that change. Samantha was delighted to have been invited by Lucy Buck, CEO of Child-i Foundation to go and visit one of the orphanages in Uganda that the charity has been re-purposing as a community hub. She got to meet not only the people who used to run the orphanage but also meet some of the kids, now grown up, who are happy that the work Childs-i will enable children to grow up in homes and in families. Samantha also met the incredible Pastor Ruth who runs Smile Africa Ministries. Ruth once ran two orphanages with 70 children and believed she was doing the best for the children. However once Ruth had met Lucy and the team from Childs-i Foundation she realised the reality of growing up in an orphanage and that most if not all of the children that grew up in her home had subsequently become institutionalised, often finding adult life and establishing relationships difficult. All Ruth wanted to do was look after the children, now she is delighted to overseeing her homes transforming into community hubs and the children being placed in nuclear family units.